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Shipping Services

1. Subject to the following terms and conditions, CMI, 516 5th Street, Safford, Arizona 85546 will receive, forward, and/or pack parcels for you, our customer. Parcels accepted by CMI shall be shipped via FedEx, US Mail or other means.

2. You confirm that your true name and address appear on the shipping label. You further confirm the accuracy of the "Ship To" address.

3. CMI does not accept hazardous material, other regulated material, illegal items or articles of unusual value, including but not limited to cash.

4. CMI does not transport your parcels. CMI assumes no liability for the delivery of your parcels or their contents while in transit. You agree to all terms and conditions on this SC whether or not declared value insurance is purchased. The parcel delivery driver may deliver parcel without a signature. Carrier is not responsible for any loss or damage occurring after delivery.

5. CMI is not responsible for carrier's failure to properly collect or remit funds for C.O.D. parcels.

6. CMI is not responsible for duties & taxes on international packages. In the event that CMI is charged duties and/or taxes, customer agrees to reimburse these costs in full.

7. CMI is not responsible for any carrier's failure to timely deliver. Any statement made by a CMI representative of a probable date of delivery is only an opinion and an estimate and is not warranted in any manner.

8. CMI's responsibility for damage to items caused by improper packing by CMI is limited to the packaging fee you paid. Items you pack are covered for loss but may not be covered for damage.

9. Any and all claims must be in writing and received by CMI within the carrier's required time frame. Claims not made within the prescribed time frame are waived and will not be paid. Any and all claims are waived if the consignee accepts the parcel without noting damage on the delivery record. The original packaging materials must be available for carrier's inspection for all damage claims. All claims must also be supported by the shipping documents including, but not limited to this SC, a copy of the receipt and proof of declared value., Copyright 2022 Web Designs By Request